Frustrating things about being neurodivergent

While being autistic is amazing there are some things that can suck, and be frustrating. Heres my list. 1. Darned If I do, darned if I don’t. I’m expected to act like a happy go lucky innocent toddler with zero knowledge of the outside world. When I don’t know about modern day issues, or slang.Continue reading “Frustrating things about being neurodivergent”

The state of drowing

Being in school as an autistic person pretty much sucks. Lets be real, people bully you, the work feels impossible at times, you quickly get overwhelmed and struggle with shutdowns. Also don’t forget bullies,targets,and sensory overload. I always had a love hate relationship with school, one side of it all I loved getting out ofContinue reading “The state of drowing”

Christmas sorrow – with a dash of autism

For alot of people Christmas can be such a beautiful holiday and one thats special. To be spent with family and eat hot meals and open presents. However for someone on the spectrum it can be challenging. For starters my parents are divorced, and every year from now on Christmas went from food,gifts and family.Continue reading “Christmas sorrow – with a dash of autism”

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